Infusi n.4 - DOMODOSSOLA - 0
Infusi n.4 - DOMODOSSOLA
Infusi n.4 - DOMODOSSOLA
stories by Edward Cheverton, Sarah Mazzetti, JangoJim, Fabio Tonetto
◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
36 pages, 4 colors digital printing
14,8×21 cm
4 authors
in italian with english translation
limited edition of 200 copies

Infusi è una collana che raccoglie storie a fumetti e illustrate unite da un tema comune. Ogni numero è legato a una parola che ha come iniziale una lettera dell’alfabeto.
Infusi n. 3 è D come Domodossola.
Infusi (Infusions) is a collection of illustrated stories and comics inspired by a common theme. The common theme of each issue is linked to a letter of the alphabet.
Infusi n. 3 is D for Domodossola.

published in february 2013

Although the idea of “D di Domodossola” (D for Domodossola) should be instinctively clear to an Italian person, it probably needs some further explanation for foreign readers. You probably know the American TV game-show “Wheel of Fortune”, well in Italy we had our own version, “La Ruota della Fortuna” (on air from 1987 to 2009), which was hosted during it’s “golden years” (the 90s) by Mike Bongiorno, one of the most popular TV personalities in Italy. It was during this period that the “D for Domodossola” meme was created: if every other letter of the alphabet was linked to a well-known place (R for Rome or F for Florence for instance), the city picked for the letter D was this really tiny –unknown to the majority of the population – place situated in a valley in Piemonte. Because the show was extremely popular, some of the things the host used to say became common sayings, TV memes so to say, and “D for Domodossola” is one of them.